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March 27-29

1017 N Spruce
Little Rock

Parking is very limited. Please be respectful of driveways and mailboxes.  

House of an exceptional collector. Over 90 pieces of fine jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Colt Pistols, Rifles, Liles Knives, Pocket knives, Hunting knives, Questar telescope, Gold and Silver Coins, Vargas calendar, Hundreds of books subjects include: military, Jewish History, Science Fiction, Occult, Religion, Nazi, Russian, Opera, Music, Signed Duke Ellington Poster, 1930's-50's comics, Nazi Dagger and Propaganda, slide rules, whetstones, cameras, albums and 45's, 1930's bedroom suite, Art Deco Chandelier, curio cabinets, Trunk, Wardrobe, lots of mechanical gadgets, musical instruments, Unicorn collection, pressed glass, brick brac, CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, Front loading washer & dryer, anvils, turntable, Razorback yearbooks, Kitchen and Garage items, and much more.

March 27
10 am-3 pm

March 28
10 am-3 pm

March 29
1 pm-4 pm